About Kim & Amanda.

We are on a mission to help women feel good in their bodies, have great energy, and create balanced lifestyles. We've both had our own health struggles and know what it's like to not feel like yourself. What we've learned is that a lot of symptoms can be fixed through a nourishing diet, healthy movement, and daily practices of self care. We look forward to sharing our knowledge and practical tips with you. Read on to learn more about each of our stories.


About Kim

Juliet P. Brand

Kim Jordan, MA, NTP

I’m Kim, a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. My health journey started when I was in my early teens. Fed up with being overweight and how I felt in my body, I started dieting and exercising in order to lose weight. From there, I began learning as much as I could about nutrition and exercise to keep the weight off and actually feel good. But even though I reached my goal weight, I still suffered from symptoms that interfered with my life, like digestive problems, hormonal issues, fatigue, and anxiety.  It wasn’t until I stepped away from restrictive eating and over-exercising, and began learning about a more integrative approach that I could actually break free from my symptoms and become more comfortable in my body.

My experiences have lit a fire in me to help other women overcome similar struggles and instead of being victim to them, become empowered to change them. We have so much control over how we feel, and realizing that and learning how to make real change in a positive way is powerful and achievable. My goal is to guide women toward becoming more in tune with their bodies and nourishing their whole selves in order to lead their most fulfilling lives.

About Amanda

Juliet P. Brand

Amanda Montalvo, RD, CD-N, FDN-P

Hi! I'm Amanda. I'm an integrative dietitian and functional diagnostic practitioner. I became interested in nutrition after obsessing over my food and body from a very young age. I then battled hormone, skin, and energy imbalances that left me exhausted all of the time and feeling like I was clinically insane (I'm sure some of you can relate). All of that forced me into a more functional and holistic approach to health that I could not be more thankful for.

I'm passionate about helping women tap into their feminine intuition and start working with their bodies rather than against them (like our society teaches us). Beautiful things can happen when we come from a place of compassion, rather than punishment. My goal is to teach as many women as possible how to do this and help shift the mindset we have as women.


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We believe a body in true balance has certain foundational qualities that allow it to thrive and function properly.

Our principles encompass mental, physical, and emotional well-being. We teach you to ditch perfectionism and honor your female intuition.

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