The Importance of Empowerment, Community, and Diversity in Health & Wellness with Alina Brown, NTP- Episode 30

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  Alina Brown is the CEO of WellnessCon, an annual outdoor wellness conference dedicated to promoting diversity in the wellness space while fostering community for wellness lovers, wellness influencers, and conscious companies. She is also a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner who spends most of her days creating video content for her Wellness YouTube channel called ‘Alina … Read More

Cycle Syncing with Kim & Amanda- Episode 29

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    In this episode, we break down the 4 phases of the cycle and give 3 tips for nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle for each phase. Cycle syncing is the practice of “syncing” your life with the phases of your menstrual cycle. Your hormones fluctuate according to a predictable pattern throughout your cycle, affecting so … Read More

Why Health, Nutrition, & Fitness Aren’t so Black & White w/ Kristin Kaschak- Episode 28

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Kristin’s path to nutrition education, fitness and food blogging started back in 2009, when she started CrossFit. Soon after, she learned about Paleo and eventually took the steps to becoming a Certified Nutritional therapy Practitioner, CrossFit Level 2 Coach, BirthFIT Coach, and Check Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Kristin’s focus was first and foremost, nutrition, primarily in … Read More

Postpartum & The Shit They Don’t Tell You- Episode 27

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    In this episode, we discuss Kim’s postpartum journey along with the importance of the 4th trimester. We believe the 4th trimester is such a sacred and important time and hope that sharing Kim’s experience along with some things that can help will support those going through it in the future.  We hope you … Read More

Letting Go & Living Authentically with Jess Gaertner-Episode 26

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    Jess is a blogger, recipe creator, and podcast host with a passion for real food, real connection, and sharing herself–flaws and all. A recovering perfectionist, she now focuses on supporting women in finding their truth, nourishing their minds and bodies intuitively, and creating joy in their lives as they navigate the motherhood transition. … Read More

Anxiety & Your Hormones, Energy Healing, Tarot, & Feminine Energy with Nina Boyce-Episode 24

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  Nina Boyce, a certified holistic health coach and hormone specialist based in Columbus, OH. After years of struggling with chronic anxiety and hormone imbalance, she turned towards an all natural lifestyle to heal her body. Nina is passionate about women’s health and the philosophy that all bodies are self-healing and resilient. Her coaching programs … Read More

Getting to the Root of your Gut Issues with Sara, The Organic Dietitian- Episode 22

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Sara is a registered dietitian, certified LEAP therapist, and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. She suffered with hormone and digestive symptoms for years with little recommendations for relief. Being in the wellness field she knew there had to be more going on and was determined to find a solution. She started studying functional medical nutrition therapy … Read More