Intentional Nutrition Program

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Intentional nutrition means choosing foods that allow you to feel your best without fear or obsession.

As you can imagine, this can be difficult as it does require you to learn basic nutrition foundations, strengthen your intuition, experiment, and trust yourself.

It has taken us years to do this ourselves, and for our clients, often requires months of working together, but because we want this information to be accessible to all women, we’ve condensed all of the essential info and steps into a comprehensive 4 week program.

The Intentional Nutrition Program is an online nutrition program that takes you on a journey of learning this approach and getting to know what’s best for your body. We walk you through each step of applying our approach to your life through videos, emails, group calls, and more.

We are so excited to support you on this journey. Let’s get started!


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  1. Hi Ladies, this was really helpful especially the meal prep portion. I stress myself out with planning the meals. Going to incorporate these tips. Thanks

    1. Yay! So glad this was helpful. Let us know how it goes and what works for you. It’s so helpful getting an idea of what works for different people.

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