Cycle Syncing with Kim & Amanda- Episode 29

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In this episode, we break down the 4 phases of the cycle and give 3 tips for nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle for each phase. Cycle syncing is the practice of “syncing” your life with the phases of your menstrual cycle. Your hormones fluctuate according to a predictable pattern throughout your cycle, affecting so much– nutrient needs, hunger, energy, strength, recovery, mood, creativity, and more. Learning about these different phases of your cycle and how to optimize your hormone health can completely transform your life.

What We Cover:

  • What cycle syncing is
  • Why cycle syncing is beneficial
  • Menstrual phase what’s happening & tips
  • Follicular phase what’s happening & tips
  • Ovulatory phase what’s happening & tips
  • Luteal phase what’s happening & tips
  • How to implement cycle syncing

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