Why Health, Nutrition, & Fitness Aren’t so Black & White w/ Kristin Kaschak- Episode 28

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Kristin’s path to nutrition education, fitness and food blogging started back in 2009, when she started CrossFit. Soon after, she learned about Paleo and eventually took the steps to becoming a Certified Nutritional therapy Practitioner, CrossFit Level 2 Coach, BirthFIT Coach, and Check Holistic Lifestyle Coach. Kristin’s focus was first and foremost, nutrition, primarily in the Paleo approach. Most of her coaching was done online, with distance clients or small groups, and almost exclusively with women who felt like they had tried everything but still weren’t feeling the way they wanted to. It’s evolved since then. At the end of the day, here is what Kristin believes: Health is not a struggle. Your body is not the enemy. Living a life that prioritizes health, is not mutually exclusive with living one that you enjoy. Most importantly – dogma – of any kind, is the killer of a ‘balanced’ life.


What We Cover:

  • The issue with dogma around diets & health
  • How to ditch dogma
  • Just because it works for someone, doesn’t mean it’s right for you 
  • What it means to “live in the gray”
  • What a balanced life really looks like
  • How to live a life that prioritizes health AND brings you joy
  • Why your body is not the enemy


Show Notes:


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