Anxiety & Your Hormones, Energy Healing, Tarot, & Feminine Energy with Nina Boyce-Episode 24

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Nina Boyce, a certified holistic health coach and hormone specialist based in Columbus, OH. After years of struggling with chronic anxiety and hormone imbalance, she turned towards an all natural lifestyle to heal her body. Nina is passionate about women’s health and the philosophy that all bodies are self-healing and resilient. Her coaching programs focus on total hormonal wellness — mind, body, and soul. Incorporating both nutritional and stress reduction techniques, with a blend of reiki and tarot, deeper healing can be achieved. She is also the host of the Healing Hormones Podcast, where she interviews leading women in the world of menstrual health.

What We Cover:

  • Nina’s journey with anxiety and her hormones
  • Why turning inward helps heal your hormones & how to get started
  • 3 things women can do to support hormone healing right now
  • What is reiki & how it helps our hormones
  • Using tarot to get in tune with yourself
  • Benefits of tapping into your feminine energy


Show Notes:


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