The Adrenal Fatigue-Mindset Connection with Ali Damron- Episode 20

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Ali Damron is a wife, mother to two little boys, a licensed acupuncturist and a personal trainer. Over the past eight years, I’ve run my own successful private practice as an acupuncturist. Over the last three years, I’ve taken my message to the online platform to be able to reach more people by the day. I specialize in women’s health including hormonal health, mindset, anxiety, and sleep. I offer 1:1 consults, online programs and acupuncture appointments in the Denver, CO area.

What We Cover:

  • Ali’s nighttime routine and favorite self care practices
  • What adrenal fatigue is 
  • How adrenal fatigue impacts female sex hormones
  • The role mindset plays into adrenal fatigue
  • Self talk and taking inventory 
  • Recognizing if you actually like your health routines
  • Stress and how much of it is self created 

Show Notes:


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