Strength Training For Women with Adina Rubin Part 1!-Episode 17

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Adina is a Nutritional Therapy Consultant, a Medical Exercise Specialist and holds a master’s degree in art therapy. This unique path solidified her thoughts about how connected the mind and body are and now she helps women gain strength and energy using real food, properly designed strength training programs, targeted stress management techniques and lifestyle changes. Her messaging is focused on the importance of auditing our total stress load for optimal health and how to manage it through food, movement and lifestyle.
Adina began unlocking her own optimal physical and mental health when she trained competitively for powerlifting. She feels that all women should learn what it feels like to lift heavy things. And at 8 months pregnant she can still squat a pretty badass amount of weight.
This week is part 1 of our conversation!

What We Cover:

  • What HIIT really is
  • Definition and benefits of strength training for women
  • Important of rest days and/or periods of rest
  • Why strength training is the best option for most women
  • How and why your workouts may change around different phases of your cycle

 In the next episode we will share part 2 of our conversation where we cover prenatal, peri and postmenopausal fitness.  

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