Celebrating Our Cycles, Tuning into Our Needs, & Moon Cycle Bakery with Devon Loftus- Episode 16

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Devon Loftus is a writer and the CEO and founder of Moon Cycle Bakery — a hormone-supportive sweet treat delivery service assisting people during their cycle, encouraging holistic wellness and empowering others to re-define their time of the month —  seen in publications such as Elite Daily, Well & Good and Cosmopolitan. Moon Cycle Bakery has gained worldwide coverage including several publications in France and the UK, over 7-billion impressions total and has created an engaging community in the businesses first year. Devon found herself in a job feeling extremely disempowered and noticed that so many women around her felt similarly, which gave birth to Devon’s value around empowerment. The stress from work was taking a toll on her health and after several ruptured ovarian cysts and challenging symptoms from hormonal birth control, Loftus felt frustrated and unheard and decided that she needed to do something about it for the collective. She began to reconnect to herself through nutrition and found that she felt stronger in her individualized choices the more she listened and learned about her body.  Loftus founded her current venture Moon Cycle Bakery in 2017, with the goal of helping people regain their empowerment in their choices through nutrition and strive to celebrate and destigmatize menstruation — a natural and incredibly powerful miracle.

What We Cover:

  • Devon’s health journey and learning to listen to her body
  • Why feeling empowered about our health is so important
  • The power and beauty of our menstrual cycles
  • Shifting our mindset and reconnecting with our periods
  • Resting, treating ourselves, and indulging without guilt
  • How to get more in tune and trust your body
  • The birth and evolution of Moon Cycle Bakery How Moon Cycle Bakery supports, educates, and empowers women


Show notes:

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