Meal Plans, Macros, & Keeping Food Simple with Laura Ligos, The Sassy Dietitian- Episode 8

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Meal Plans, Macros, & Keeping Food Simple

Laura Ligos is a real food Registered Dietitian aka “The Sassy Dietitian” as well as a CrossFit trainer with a passion for making food fun and helping everyone realize their full health potential. Laura has had a passion for health, fitness and nutrition ever since her competitive swimming days throughout high school and during her Division 1 college swimming career at Cornell University. With her background in nutrition, business, social media and blogging, Laura brings a holistic & easy-to-understand approach to the ever-changing face of the health and fitness industry.

What We Cover:

  • Most common struggles with meal planning & how to overcome them
  • KISS: Keep It Super Simple
  • 3 Tips for sustainable week night dinners
  • What are macros
  • Finding the best macros for YOU
  • Macro coaches vs. certified nutritionists
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