Welcome to the Balanced Babes Podcast- Episode 01

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Kim and amanda at coffee table

We’re functional nutritionists on a mission to empower women, teach them how to nourish their bodies, and feel good in their skin.

Balanced Babes Podcast

Because we’ve both dealt with our own health struggles, we are passionate about helping women become more in tune with their bodies and eliminate hormonal imbalances naturally through food, lifestyle habits, mindset, and targeted supplements tailored to each woman.

We both share our unique journeys to get to where we are today and what started our paths to becoming nutritionists in the first place.

On Today’s Episode:

  • Kim’s history with dieting, weight loss, and hormone health
  • Amanda’s history with body image, exercise, and birth control
  • What to expect from the Balanced Babes Podcast
  • The Balanced Babes Community

Resources Mentioned:

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