Expanding the Conversation around Women’s Health with Steph Gaudreau- Episode 02

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There’s more to women’s health than dieting, exercise, and working to change the shape of your body.

Food Is The Gateway Drug To Wellness

So many of us focus only on food, but if we are only ever focusing on diet we are missing other amazing opportunities to improve our health and wellbeing. There is freedom in focusing on areas besides what we eat!

In this episode, we discuss other important areas to focus on for women’s health and the freedom you can find in this.

4 Pillars Women’s Wellness:

  • Eat nourishing foods
  • Move with intention
  • Recharge your energy
  • Empower your mind

In this episode we dive into:

  • Steph’s journey with body image, exercise, dieting, and endometriosis
  • The 4 pillars of women’s health and well being
  • How to find freedom and loosen your grip on food
  • How obsession can negatively impact a woman’s health
  • Benefits of strength training
  • How to get started with strength training

Resources Mentioned:

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